Heckmondwike Grammar School

Heckmondwike Grammar School

Russell Telecom provides Heckmondwike Grammar School with a cost-effective solution to their high-rising costs


The school was adding a three-storey extension to its premises, but realised its existing Alcatel phone system would not be able to accommodate the additional capacity it now required. Heckmondwike needed a solution that could accommodate analogue, digital and IP phones, was expandable and did not cost the earth. “We also wanted the ability to manage the system ourselves and have the existing phone wire birds nest of cables patched professionally,” explains Jim Nobbs, Heckmondwike Grammar School’s eLearning and Systems Manager.
The school also placed great importance on project ownership, from the start of the installation to completion, with the ongoing care and support thereafter a crucial factor. As such, it partnered with local telecoms reseller, Russell Telecom, which has more than 25 years experience with other schools.


The firm carried out a detailed evaluation of the school’s communications needs and found that the new building was only connected via fibre optic cable, and as such, required a VoIP solution. However, as it would prove too costly to deploy VoIP throughout the entire school, Russell Telecom provided a hybrid solution in the form of the NEC SV8100, a feature-rich business telephone system with a range of digital and IP phones.
By providing display handsets, Russell Telecom ensures that users benefit from the comprehensive functionality of the NEC SV8100 system, and its implementation of the hybrid system means that the user experience is the same across all extensions. This also guarantees that the management of the system remains simple.