Atlas Community Primary School

Atlas Community Primary School

Top marks for Russell Telecom’s solution


Atlas Community Primary School is a Bradford based community school with 240 pupils. The school, which was established in 1987, was named after ʻAtlas Streetʼ on which the original temporary school was created in cabins in 1985.

When it came to upgrading its telecoms system, Atlas Community Primary School chose Russell Telecom; a company with three decadeʼs experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of the education sector, as its preferred supplier.


The school required a solution that was intuitive, easy to learn and included timesaving applications.

Weʼre pleased with our new telecoms system as it allows us to be more flexible, contactable and the system also allows for scalability in the future.” Gill Keeley, School Business Manager



Russell Telecom undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the schoolʼs telecommunications system before deciding that the new NEC SL1100 solution would suit its requirements perfectly.

Ideal for up to 70 extensions, this system is already proving very popular within the education sector. The system is ideally suited to the requirements of a busy primary school as calls can be routed more efficiently to the person the caller needs to speak to, no one is left hanging on the line, and messages can be left on the voicemail system to alert parents of school closures due to extreme weather, for example.

The system was supplied with twelve handsets, including three cordless DECT handsets. These handsets give the school increased flexibility as staff can use them around the school and even in the playground. This is ideal for health and safety purposes, as it allows a fast response in the event of an accident, for example.

Russell Telecomʼs dedicated and highly skilled team of engineers is all CRB checked , and this was a huge positive as it enabled the installation work to start and complete without delay.

The system also has the in-built facility to record information for parents that can be accessed easily and flexibly by members of staff. Key messages can include updated information on a wide variety of things such as bad weather alerts, inset days, school holidays, the out-of-school club and school trips. This information can be changed by the administration team on a daily or weekly basis or whenever required.



Atlas Community Primary School is delighted with its new telecoms system.

Gill Keeley, the schoolʼs Business Manager, said:

“Weʼre very pleased with our new telephone system. One of the most useful things is that we now have extra phones, so itʼs increased the capacity and flexibility. The DECT phones are fantastic as they give us the ability to take the phone with us while still being ʻconnectedʼ.”

She added: “The new system will also be particularly useful when we need to leave specific messages when for instance there is a lot of snow. The system can be upgraded as well, which is great if we need to increase capacity in the future.”

Additional key benefits of the new system include:

  • Saves time with speed dials;
  • Handsets with shortcut keys to make work flow more efficient;
  • Calls can be automatically routed to the right person without the need for receptionist intervention;
  • Voice mails can be automatically left with the right person; again without the need for receptionist intervention.