Award Banner & Signs

Russell Telecom hits the mark with new solution


Award Banner and Signs Ltd are leading specialists in the manufacturing of banners and large format printing.

The Leeds based company has a sister company called Studio Backdrops which provides professional photography services. Both businesses are based in the same building.

Award Banners was delighted to partner with Russell Telecom; a company with three decade’s experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations.



Russell Telecom carried out a thorough assessment of the company’s existing system and of their specific requirements.

Award Banners required greater ease of use and flexibility in their new system. A separate line with ‘alpha
tagging’ was highlighted as a key requirement. This would identify which company the caller was trying to reach and ensure that the call was answered with the correct company name.

Russell Telecom identified the telephone system with voice mail and auto attendant as the system that was ideally suited to its requirements.

Ideal for up to 70 extensions, the NEC SL1100 can embrace the company’s need for scalability and the ability to direct calls to the most suitable person and to prioritise incoming calls.

The SL1100 makes any team more reachable, more responsive and more productive.
With a choice of either IP or digital technologies, the SL1100 is a very versatile and scalable solution.

“The new system is so much more professional and a lot easier to use. It’s efficient and can be upgraded easily if necessary in future.”

Michael Page, MD, Award Banner and Signs Ltd.


Russell Telecom installed a NEC SL1100 telephone system with voice mail, autoattendant, musicon-hold and digital display handsets together with cordless DECT handsets.

The high spec builtin voice response system provides auto-attendant and auto-routing functionality at no extra cost, which is ideal for small and medium-sized companies and organisations.

A separate telephone number was set up for the Studio Backdrops business to enable the admin team to correctly answer the phone with the right company name.

To facilitate this, Russell ‘alpha tagged’ each number so that when callers call either number the name of the company is displayed on the handsets.

Russell also set-up the auto-attendant so that when callers call each number the auto attendant answers with the correct company and gives the caller specific information.

Russell Telecom also analysed the company’s telephone usage and costs and have forecast a cost reduction in telephone bills using a new call package and line rental that will be activated when the company’s current contract comes to an end in the autumn.

The transfer will mean that Award Banners can deal seamlessly with one reputable company for all its telecoms queries and requirements.



Award Banner and Signs was delighted with its new telecoms solution.

Managing Director Michael Page said:

“The installation was brilliant.

“Russell Telecom explained everything and even sat people down individually. Excellent all round.”

Michael added: “The new system is so much more professional and a lot easier to use. It’s efficient and can upgraded easily if necessary in future.”

The SL1100 has several additional benefits:

  • Intuitive features that all employees could use from day one;
  • Handsets and applications include shortcuts that speed up working processes;
  • Time-saving applications empower members of staff to become more productive;
  • With a choice of either IP or digital technologies, the SL1100 is a truly economic and versatile solution.