Boundary House Medical Centre

Boundary House Medical Centre

Telecoms system passes ‘health check’ with flying colours


Boundary House Medical Centre is a seven-doctor practice based in Sale, Cheshire.

When it came to upgrading its telecoms system, the medical centre chose Russell Telecom, a company with three decades’ experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations, as its preferred supplier.


Boundary House Medical Centre required a telecoms system that could handle its large volume of incoming calls more efficiently and ensure that patients, in particular, are directed to the most relevant source of information.

In addition, the practice required customisable greeting messages, seasonal information and out of hours instructions as integral parts of their new system.

Finally, it required a call recording facility, which is a feature that is becoming increasingly crucial in today’s practice environment.


Russell Telecom completed a comprehensive evaluation of the practice’s telecommunications system before deciding that the NEC SV8100 would be the most ideal solution. The SV8100 came with 27 handsets, Voice Mail Auto Attendant, MyCalls encrypted voice recorder and MyCalls Manager reporting software.

Auto attendant is an optional facility that can be configured so that only out of hours calls and/or calls that have been ringing for a specific length of time are answered by the application. With auto attendant, incoming calls are answered quickly with greeting messages that can be changed depending upon the time of day or day of the week.

Greeting messages can also be tailored to provide callers with dialing options – for instance: “Press 1 for appointments” or “2 for test results.” Seasonal options, such as for flu vaccinations, can be added easily.

Callers can also be given instructions and be requested to call back at specific times for particular requirements. They can be re-directed to an out of hour’s service or an out-of-hours number can be advised. If required, different language options are offered via a menu feature.

The MyCalls Manager software provides the practice with real-time graphical information and historic reports providing statistics and management information. This allows the practice manager to assess the levels of service the practice team provides to patients and dynamically change the way the practice team works. The practice manager can also retrieve call information for immediate and historic audit purposes.

Russell Telecom also provided the practice with MyCalls encrypted voice recorder.


The practice team is delighted with its new telecoms solution.

Practice manager Alison Overton explained: Black NEC phone

The system allows calls to be directed to specific extensions, which along with the auto attendant system, is proving to be extremely useful. The system gives us the ability to set up call groups and ensure that we minimise abandoned calls. The new call recording facility that came with the system is also proving to be a huge benefit to the smoother running of the practice as a whole.”

MyCalls encrypted voice recorder is extremely useful when giving complex information or taking detailed notes over the phone. The information and conversations can be reviewed at a later date on an individual or group basis, which provides an extremely effective training aid.

Increasingly, many organisations use this feature for recording nuisance or abusive callers and for dispute management. All calls are recorded and encrypted providing legally accepted recordings to protect staff if further action is required. The call recording facility is also very useful for quality control purposes.


Alison added:

As a practice, we’re very pleased with our new telecoms system as it has resulted in some tangible efficiency gains and further improved our levels of patient care.