Byron Primary School

Russell Telecom is top of the class!


Byron Primary School is a mixed gender community school for children aged from three to 11 years. It is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire and has 700 pupils on its roll.

In deciding to upgrade its existing telecoms system, the school was delighted to partner once again with Russell Telecom from whom it has had a strong partnership for almost a decade. The school trusts Russell Telecom to provide cost effective quotes and solutions to meet their requirements. Russell Telecom had also previously saved Byron Primary a significant amount of money by moving their calls and lines.

Russell Telecom is a company with over three decade’s experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations.



Russell Telecom carried out a detailed assessment of the school’s existing systems and of its specific requirements.

Russell Telecom identified the cutting edge NEC SV9100 telephone system as the perfect solution for the client.


“Russell Telecom have managed to make the installation of the NEC SV9100 new telephone system within our school extremely stress free.”
Kulvir Bhogal,Byron Primary School



Russell Telecom provided the school with the SV9100 with 17 digital handsets, a cordless handset, Voicemail and Auto-attendant. A call record feature was also installed.

The SV9100 is a superb hybrid communications platform from NEC. It is a robust, feature-rich, Unified Communications enabled system that is ideal for use in schools.

Core features include Direct Dial (DDI),Voicemail and Autoattendant, and operator position with DSS Unit showing extension status.

The system includes an integrated digital Voicemail, which not only provides a night and day service and Auto-attendant but also provides call recording.

The school uses the Auto-attendant, which is configured with different options at different times (including outside of term time) for different departments. Staff members also have access to a Voicemail facility.

Once installed, training was also provided so that the IT team and administrative staff were able to manage the new system in the most effective way.



Byron Primary School are very pleased with their new telecoms solution.

Kulvir Bhogal, deputy office manager at Byron Primary School, said: “As a large primary school we needed a telephone system that was reliable, efficient and cost effective.

“Russell Telecom have managed to make the installation of the NEC SV9100 new telephone system within our school extremely stress free.”

She added: “From the initial discussions with John Hartley to the engineers who came into school to carry out the installation, the whole process was carried out very competently and quickly.

“The training provided and the after support have also been of high quality.”

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