Springwood Surgery

Springwood Surgery

Discover how we kept the customers happy at Springwood Surgery, Guisborough.

Springwood Surgery required a new Telephone System to help increase customer satisfaction levels on their Patient Survey results and to help the practice run more smoothly.

Russell Telecom installed an NEC Aspire- a top of the range Telephone System with an extremely advanced level of call handling options. Call queuing ensures that customers who are waiting on the line more than 3 rings are greeted with a message, that the Surgery recorded, which ensures patients are more likely to stay on the line. In addition because callers are held in true first in first out order it also means that the use of receptionists time is maximized, as they often have a caller on the line waiting as soon as they put the phone down. In addition Springwood Surgery took advantage of the included Auto Attendant, whereby callers are given options such as press 1 to make an appointment, press 2 for prescriptions etc. This allows the Surgery to route the call more effectively and therefore take some of the call volume away from the Receptionists.

The 8 levels of night service mean that the Surgery can have different messages for callers depending on time of day (day, night, lunch time) or time of week, or year (weekend, bank holiday, Xmas), and equally be able to switch off or on call handling options, or make different phones ring, for example.

The included MyCalls software allows the Practice Manager to see at a glance how many calls they have taken that day, how many abandoned calls they have had, how many times of the day all of the lines have been busy (and therefore see how many times callers would have received an engaged tone) and how long callers were on the line, amongst many other things. This allows the Practice Manager to decide how best to manage staff using the Telephone System and how best to set the system up to ensure patients are getting the best service.

Iain Marley, Practice Manager said: “The NEC Aspire Telephone System was an excellent investment. The advanced call handling of the telephone system has really helped the surgery in increasing patient satisfaction when calling in. Russell Telecom were excellent both in helping us choose the right specification of system for us, but also with doing an excellent job installing it, with no disruption to the surgery.”