Crossway Scaffolding Group

Russell Telecom Partners With Crossway Scaffolding Group


Crossway Scaffolding Group is a major force in the construction industry. Headquartered in Elland, West Yorkshire, the firm continues to forge strong relationships with rail contractors and is seeing a consistent stream of repeat business in the rail and infrastructure sectors.

In order to meet its strategic requirements, Crossway Scaffolding Group decided to partner once again with Russell Telecom. The leading telecoms supplier had installed an NEC XN120 system in 2007 and it had proved to be an excellent and reliable system.

Russell Telecom is a national company with over three decade’s experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations.



Crossway is expanding and required a solution with capacity for a greater number of handsets. It needed to be scalable, flexible and futureproofed.

Russell Telecom carried out a thorough assessment of the company’s existing system and matched a solution with its specific requirements.

Russell Telecom identified the cutting edge NEC SV9100 telephone system as the perfect solution for the client.

“The new system’s  flexible, versatile and easy to use and meets our requirements..” Nichola Hull, Crossway Scaffolding Group 



Russell Telecom installed a telephone system at Crossway’s Elland headquarters. This came with 19 digital handsets, a cordless handset, voicemail and auto attendant, music on hold and MyCalls Desktop Lite.

The SV9100 is a flexible and scalable solution that has been built on the success of its predecessor, the award winning SV8100, but with double the capacity. The SV9100 serves the requirements of up to 800 connections.

MyCalls Desktop Lite computer integration ‘screen pops’ MS Outlook contacts when customers and suppliers call in therefore giving members of staff contact information on screen when taking the call.  The application also provides staff with the ability to dial telephone numbers straight from their computer screens.

Russell Telecom installed voicemail and auto attendant with the following features:

  • Incoming calls can be answered quickly by the auto attendant facility with greeting messages that can be changed depending upon the time of day, or day of the week.
  • Greeting messages can be tailored to provide callers with dialing options – for example. “Press 1 for sales; 2 for service.”.
  • Out of hours instructions can also be given and can be programmed to activate automatically and/or manually so that callers can be redirected to an out of hour’s service or an out-of hours number.

The voicemail/auto attendant card provides a conversation record feature, which enables businesses to record a conversation into a mailbox.


Crossway Scaffolding has been very pleased with its new telecoms solution.

The firm’s Nichola Hull, Company Secretary & Accountant, said:

“We’re very pleased with our new telephone system. It’s flexible, versatile and easy to use and meets our requirements. We especially like the MyCalls Desktop Lite system and all its features, which we’re using all the time.

“Russell Telecom was excellent from start to finish.”