Dr Jones & Partners

Dr Jones & Partners

Russell Telecom offers the perfect diagnosis for Dr Jones and Partners.

Brief Overview

Dr Jones & Partners are a well established GPs practice with 4 sites located in the Sedgefield area of County Durham, the 4 sites are located approximately 3-4 miles apart from each other but from a communications perspective they were miles apart, Russell Telecom had supplied and maintained the telephone system in each of the locations and had a good understanding of the previous communication methods.
Practice Manager Colin Miller said “we wanted to look at the possibility of making the 4 surgeries able to communicate easier with each other with the added flexibility of calls being answered where the staff were located rather than moving the staff around the branches to accommodate the telephone systems and at the same time reduce the amount of money spent on inter branch telephone calls”

The Proposal

Paul Cassells, the account manager for Dr Jones & Partners attended several meetings over the space of 12 – 18 months with Colin, his staff and the GPs to allow himself to fully understand the direction that the practice wanted to go with the telephone platform.

Finally, the proposal was to install a new IP compatible NEC Aspire VOIP telephone system into each of the 4 sites, which would include the networking of the sites via VOIP connections to allow free calls and the ability to transfer calls anywhere across the network, calls can now be answered at any site, depending on the opening hours and shift pattern of the staff at the various sites. It was also proposed to provide a complete call recording solution as well a call statistics application across the network, which can provide “as it happens” or “historical” call statistics.

The Solution

“We are now in a position where we are no longer guessing at how many or when we receive or make calls and importantly how good we are at handling incoming calls from our customers, the patients. The ability to speak to all of our sites as if on an internal call makes it feel like we have thrown a blanket over the 4 buildings to make one ” commented Colin after the phased installation had been complete.