Nova International

Nova International

Russell Telecom help bring the great north run up to speed.


When NOVA International, the organisation behind the “Great North Run” wanted to bring its IT and Telecommunication networks in line with the rest of the forward thinking ethos of the company, it turned to its longstanding Telecom partner, Russell Telecom for advice and recommendations.

IT manager, Jimmy Jones, said of the companies decision to look at the way the company communicated “we had built up a good relationship with Russell Telecom over a lot of years of working together so we thought that was as good a place as any to start investigating what was cutting edge in the world of Telecoms”

With the assistance of account manager Lawrence McCaughey, who already understood the situation with the current telephone system as he had personally specified the digital Toshiba telephone system over 12 years ago, and working together with Jimmy was able to quickly understand the long term IT / Telecom requirements for NOVA International, was then in a position to propose a Toshiba VOIP telecom platform.

Jimmy said “with the help of Russell Telecom we have rolled out across the company a Toshiba CIX670 IP solution with IP handsets for everybody, self management software to keep the system upto date and provide complete manageability, centralised voice mail which has improved the whole communication system as well as creating the opportunity of having staff working from home with remote IP phones and still being an integral part of the business.

Lawrence explained “ we were delighted to be given the opportunity to continue and develop our long standing business relationship with such a high profile name as the Great North Run, we feel that NOVA International stands for everything Russell Telecom are about, a long standing successful and trustworthy company based in the North of England.