Marsden Primary School

Russell Telecom delivers class-leading solution


Marsden Primary School is based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wea r. The school has a laudable ethos of ‘Everyone cares. Everyone matters.’

Marsden Primary School was delighted to partner again with Russell Telecom; a company with three decade’s experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations.


Russell Telecom carried out a detailed assessment of the school’s existing systems and of its specific requirements.

The school wanted to replace its outdated telecoms system with a solution that could embrace its requirement for an increased number of telephone lines for staff use.

Marsden Primary also required a voicemail facility that could be accessed by all staff members, alongside auto attendant and call recording facilities. They also needed a cordless phone for the reception staff that was easy to operate and offered flexibility.

In general, the school required a system that could bring them firmly ‘into the 21st Century’.

Prior to the installation, Marsden Primary had only three extensions, while they required connectivity in all of their classrooms. They wanted a future-proofed system that was affordable, flexible and reliable, as well as being easy to use with minimal training required.

“From the moment the quote was accepted, the installation and training was almost instant. We now have a school that feels like it is in the 21st Century.” Caroline Marshall, headteacher

A Flexible Solution

NEC-SV9100-PhonesystemRussell Telecom completed a comprehensive evaluation of the school’s telecommunications systems before it identified the NEC SV9100 telephone system as the perfect telecoms solution for the school.

Russell Telecom provided the school with the NEC SV9100 with 12 Extensions including two 12-Button Digital Handsets, eight Analogue Handsets with Display and two Cordless Handsets.

The SV9100 is a superb hybrid communications platform from NEC. Core features include Direct Dial (DDI), voicemail and auto attendant, up to 60 handsfree Digital Extensions and operator position with DSS Unit showing extension status. The system includes an integrated digital voicemail, which not only provides a night and day service and auto attendant but also provides call recording. communications.

The school uses auto attendant that is configured with different options at different times (including outside of term time) for different departments. Staff members also have access to a voicemail facility with their own greeting messages. In addition, Russell Telecom provided training for the school’s IT team on how to make programming and administrational changes to the system, as required.

The Verdict

Headteacher Caroline Marshall says the school is delighted with the new system. She said: “As a new headteacher, I had previous experience of the quality customer service and quality of the products that Russell Telecom provides.

“My new school had a very basic system which was not fit for purpose. Dan at Russell Telecom came to the school and gave a detailed, but relevant explanation to myself and the office manager of the products that his company could provide and the dramatic savings that they were able to offer us.

“After comparing two other companies, the school was unanimous in choosing Russell Telecom. From the moment the quote was accepted, the installation and training was almost instant. We now have a school that feels like it is in the 21st Century.”