RCM Business Centres

Advanced connectivity for expanding business centre


RCM Business Centres is a long established company offering high quality office and industrial units.

RCM Business Centres comprise a development of single storey and part two-storey warehouse and office buildings located in the Ossett and Wakefield areas that have been progressively refurbished.

RCM has over 400 business units that were all financially responsible for their own telecom and broadband requirements.

The business centre had outdated network contracts, multiple BT and various other network outlets scattered around the premises with each unit located on a separate LAN network.

RCM wanted to upgrade its offering to its business tenants by providing a more comprehensive, sophisticated and connected solution.

RCM Business Centres was delighted to partner with Russell Telecom; a company with three decade’s experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations.


Russell Telecom carried out a thorough assessment of the company’s existing system and of its specific requirements.

RCM wanted a telecoms solution that would allow its business tenants the flexibility to move around the site whilst staying connected.

Russell Telecom identified the cutting edge NEC SV9100 telephone system as the perfect solution for the client.

“The new system provides the flexibility that is required by our tenants. It allows them the freedom to move around the site and off-site whilst staying connected.” Andrew Forey, IT Manager, RCM Business Centres




Russell Telecom installed a NEC SV9100 telephone system. The SV9100 are robust, feature-rich, Unified Communications enabled systems that are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Each server is designed to help solve today’s communications challenges and is built with your migration path in mind, so you can scale your communications as your business grows.

Russell Telecom delivered a 200MB lease line on a managed network with the capacity to increase up to 1GB if necessary.

With the lease line providing quality of service it was then possible to convert a mixture of analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines into S.I.P lines, thus reducing running costs and enabling the phone system to service every occupant of the business centre. RCM is then able to bill there tenants on a monthly basis for their telecom usage.

The My Calls Manager console has made it possible to offer an e-receptionist service to all business tenants. For example, if a customer phoned ‘ABC Ltd’, the ‘RCM’ receptionist is able to answer the call and either take a message or forward the call. Alternatively, there is the option for every business within the centre to have its own auto attendant, voicemail, information on hold and voicemail to email services.

IP Handsets have been supplied to all tenants, so onsite mobility is possible and employees working from home can stay even more connected.

Some users of the phone system do not require the use of a desktop phone, so, where applicable, they are still able to have a geographic number and using the UMobility App, are able to interact with the phone system using any Wi-Fi connection. Some tenants are also taking advantage of using the My Calls desktop application, which enables them to interact with the phone system using their PC laptop.


RCM Business Centres is very pleased with its new telecoms solution and has already received excellent feedback from its business tenants.

Andrew Forey, IT Manager, said: “The new system provides the flexibility that is required by our tenants. It allows them the freedom to move around the site and off-site whilst staying connected.

“The solution is very cost-effective as it allows the business users to be part of this advanced, flexible and extremely connected phone system without the outlay.”

RCM is able to provide their tenants with as little or as much bandwidth as they require for their business to run at the optimum level.