New Telecoms Solution Ticks All The Right Boxes For Securicare


Securicare International Limited is a training provider specialising in the prevention and management of challenging, disruptive and violent behaviour. The firm trains approximately 10,000 learners per annum using a network of 10 professional trainers who deliver both in the UK and abroad. Mobile communication linked to the main switchboard was an essential feature for the firm’s business model.




Securicare wanted a system to replace its old BT Versatility system with a communication solution that would make it easier to transfer calls between customers and their account/ training managers.

In order to meet its requirements Securicare decided to partner with Russell Telecom.

Russell Telecom is a national company with over three decade’s experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations.


“We were very happy with Russell Telecom from the start. Their engineers did a great job and our new system ticks all the right boxes”
Phil Hardy, MD, Securicare




Russell Telecom carried out a thorough assessment of the company’s existing system and of its specific requirements.

Russell Telecom identified the cutting edge NEC SV9100 telephone system as the perfect solution for the client.

The SV9100 is a flexible and scalable solution that has been built on the success of its predecessor, the award-winning SV8100, but with double the capacity. The SV9100 will help to future-proof any SME as it is both robust and expandable, serving the requirements of up to 800 connections.

Russell Telecom installed the SV9100 at Securicare together with digital handsets, Voicemail and Auto-attendant. The Auto- attendant feature allows callers to be put straight through to the person they deal with without delay and without operator/ receptionist intervention.

Crucially, Russell Telecom also implemented the SV9100’s Mobile Extension feature for remote workers to replace a limited VoIP set-up and to provide maximum flexibility, so that the mobile workforce could be accessible anywhere and at any time.

The SV9100 mobile extension feature allows the integration of a GSM mobile telephone to the extension on the SV9100. The remote workers mobile telephone works as an extension off the NEC SV9100 telephone system.

Mobile workers can make calls from their mobile phone via the NEC telephone system so that the main business number is displayed and not the mobile number. The calls routed to the mobile handset can easily be transferred back to extension users at the office or to other mobile users.

The mobile extension feature provides an excellent solution to any organisation with a mobile / remote workforce on or off site with no need for complicated network infrastructure. It provides a low cost of set-up with minimum ongoing investment.

The mobile extension feature allows callers to be transferred to the mobile workers rather than being given a mobile number to call themselves or else informed that they will get someone to call them back when possible.

Finally, Russell Telecom installed the MyCalls Desktop application to allow users to dial out from Excel lists and the CRM database thus speeding things up considerably and cutting out miss-dials.


Securicare has been very pleased with its new telecoms solution.

The firm’s Managing Director Phil Hardy said: “We were very happy with Russell Telecom from the start.

“Their engineers did a great job and our new system ticks all the right boxes. It allows greater accessibility and flexibility for our remote workers, enabling greater ease of communication between ourselves and our customers.”


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