WT Johnson and Sons

‘Tried & Trusted’ Russell Telecom Enters Second Decade with Century-old Firm


Textile dyeing and finishing firm WT Johnson and Sons is a decade-long customer of Russell Telecom. Russell Telecom installed the firm’s NEC Aspire system in 2007 and it proved to be both an excellent and reliable system.

In seeking to upgrade their existing telecoms system, Huddersfield-based WT Johnson and Sons, which is family-owned and established back in 1910, decided to partner once again with Russell Telecom, as the service from Russell has been excellent over the years and a strong bond of trust has developed.

Russell Telecom is a national company with over three decade’s experience of meeting the telecommunications needs of UK businesses and organisations.




WT Johnson and Sons required a telecoms solution with more wireless handsets, more flexibility and greater functionality.

Russell Telecom carried out a thorough assessment of the company’s existing system and of its specific requirements. In addition, the firm carried out a full wireless survey to ensure all areas of the site were covered.

Once its investigations were complete, Russell Telecom identified the cutting edge NEC SV9100 telephone system as the perfect solution for the client.


“We are very happy with the new system that has been installed, the dect and desk phones are both reliable, robust and easy to navigate making it very user-friendly.”
Jeremy McKinnell,WT Johnson and Sons



Russell Telecom installed a NEC SV9100 telephone system with 17 VoIP handsets, and 30 IP DECT cordless handsets, Voice Mail and Auto-attendant. In addition, some of the handsets have Voice Mail and a call record feature.

The SV9100 will help to futureproof any business or organisation, as it is both robust and expandable, serving the requirements of up to 800 connections.

Russell Telecom installed IP DECT cordless handsets from NEC as WT Johnson and Sons has people working throughout its large site who need to be contactable anywhere at anytime for numerous reasons, including safety and security.

The new handsets are more flexible, allowing remote access and more straightforward ‘hotdesking’ options. They can also provide significant call savings compared to traditional phone landlines.



Russell Telecom provided the cordless handsets with rugged silicone cases to provide the best durability, as it can be a physically demanding environment, and so the handsets needed to be robust and durable.

Russell Telecom also provided loud amplifiers for some of the desk handsets, as the environment can be noisy.

The NEC IP DECT system is tried-and-tested in all types of environments and the solution provides first-rate coverage and seamless integration.

Key features include:

  • Crystal clear audio quality up to HD audio
  • Appealing and ergonomic handsets
  • Easy access to a central directory
  • High feature transparency, so you can use the same facilities while away from your desk
  • Roaming between networks allows you to use the handset
  • on different (remote) locations
  • Full security with secure DECT air interface, uniquely identified handsets and voice encryption
  • Easy deployment – plug and play install and downloadable software in APs and handsets

IP DECT can also be used to locate DECT handsets and their users. This can be essential if for example staff need immediate assistance from colleagues.

Pushing the ‘SOS’ button on the phone, the system alerts staff to provide assistance, while the system automatically provides the location information.



WT Johnson and Sons are very pleased with their new telecoms solution.

Jeremy McKinnell, company accountant, said: “We are very happy with the new system that has been installed, the dect and desk phones are both reliable, robust and easy to navigate making it very user-friendly.”

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